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Smart Home Summit
Day 1
09:10-09:15: Chairman’s Welcome

Bill Ablondi, Director Smart Home Systems, Strategy Analytics

09:15-09.35: Enabling the Most Natural UI for the Home

Charlie Kindel, Director - Alexa Smart Home, Amazon

09:35-10.15: Visionary Insight: Security, Health, Cost-Saving, Entertainment – What will be the Key Trigger for Smart Home Growth?
  • Where do customers see the key benefits of investing in smart home products?
  • Will convenience, security and well-being drive more growth than cost-saving?
  • How key is entertainment in triggering smart home entry?
  • What will it take to push smart home solutions to the mass market?
Panel Moderator:
Arthur Jouannic, Senior Analyst - Connected Home Service Manager, Delta Energy and Environment

Chris George, Head of UK and Ireland Marketing, Electrolux

Verena Rathjen, CEO Global Business Segment Luminaires / Smart Home, OSRAM
Tabitha Morton, Head of Integration, Yale
Philipp Schuster, Managing Director, Loxone UK
10:20-10.40: Delivering Affordable Smart Home Services
Joseph Valente, CEO, Impra Gas and Winner, The Apprentice 2015
10.40-11.10: Networking Break, Exhibition Visit and Refreshments
11.10-11.50: Executive Analysis: Who Will Control the Smart Home?
  • The hub is the Trojan horse of the Smart Home – what will it be? Thermostat, alarm system, kitchen appliance, router…?
  • Is the Smart TV a new favourite option for Smart Home hub?
  • Who does the consumer trust
  • Who are the new game-changers?
  • Can telcos and utilities risk not taking control of the smart home?
  • Maximising existing customer relationships
  • Delivering the best end-to-end experience
Panel Moderator:
Bill Ablondi, Director Smart Home Systems, Strategy Analytics

Teresa Fallon, Innovation Manager, Electric Ireland

Michael Jary, Head of Domestic Strategy, SSE
Kam Kothia, CEO, time2
Matt Poll, CEO and Founder, Neos Ventures
Eamon Conway, Managing Director, Climote
Robin Rietveld, CEO, egardia
11.50-12.10: Adding Value to Smart Home Products to Increase Adoption
Michael Hollins, Head of Smart Devices, Warmup

Following a 10-minute presentation, Michael will be interviewed on stage by Emily Spaven, Editor, Tech City News

12.10-12.30: Collaborating to Ensure Top Quality Products and Service
  • Bringing diverse companies together for a cohesive service
  • Combining strengths for an integrated Smart Home system

Smart Home trial results

  • Understanding how consumers use technology in the home
  • Establishing the benefits and combining the improvements around security, convenience and cost-saving
Paul Howard, Technical Director, D-Link
12.30-12.50: Managing the Complexity of Homes and Buildings Through an Open Platform System
  • Making the right protocol choice for now and the future
  • How to handle the complexity of homes and buildings
  • Encouraging collaboration between brands who would traditionally compete
  • Demonstrating value for all players in the ecosystem
Matthieu de Broca, Director International Business Development, Overkiz
12.50-14.00: Lunch
14.00-14.20: Making Smart Home Real for Real Customers
  • The industry to date has been stronger on vision than understanding real customer needs
  • What do we need to reach the true mass-market customer?
  • What are the anchor product categories and key characteristics of systems that will win those customers?

Colin Howlett, Technical Director, Energenie
14.20-14.40: Smart Home – Quo Vadis?
  • Analysis of the current situation in standardisation
  • Identification of immutable consumer and market requirements
  • Illustrations of how eQ-3 achieved European market leadership
Bernd Grohmann, Executive Vice President, eQ-3
14.40-15.20: Interface Evaluation: Selecting the Optimum Interface for Smart Home Control
  • Examining the role of voice in smart home contro
  • Gesture control
  • Wearables – presence is key
  • Intuitive learning
  • Which interface works best for the consumer – driving acceptance, uptake and useage

Panel Moderator:
Simon Montford, Founder, WEB3//IOT

Sarah Liddell, Head of Product, Glue
Joacim Westlund, CEO, FLIC
Kyrre Wathne, CTO, Viva Labs
Sam Woodward, Customer Education Leader, Lutron
Ricco Borring Winther, Director of Sales, Z-Wave Europe
Philip Steele, Founder, nCube Smart Home

15.20-15.40: Networking Refreshment Break
15.40-16.00: Assessing and Mitigating Diverse Security Requirements in the Smart Home

Michele Scarlatella, Board Member, SIMAlliance

16.00-16.40: Leaders’ Opinion: Product or App – Which Determines the User Experience?
  • Do customers rate their experience based on the product or the app?
  • Are poor apps damaging the product experience?
  • Can a great app make a weak product more attractive?
  • Working to ensure the entire experience is outstanding - product + app

Panel Moderator: Sue Furnell, Founder, Furnell Consult

Paul Chattaway, Head of EMEA, Ring
Joe Grotto, Marketing and Sales, Crane
Mario Moura, VPGM Residential Products EMEA, Honeywell
Thomas Lesser, Research and Development Manager, Haiku Home by Big Ass Solutions
16.50-17.30 5YFN - The Smart Home
Introduced by Bill Ablondi, Director Smart Home Systems, Strategy Analytics
  • Join invited visionary start-ups to gain their insight into where innovations and technology will take us 5 years from now
  • The session will start with a quick-fire introduction from each of our panellists, before the discussion is opened to the floor
  • This is your chance to address the issues important to you or to further highlight any questions that have been raised

Ofer Klein, Founder and CEO, kwik
William Bainborough, Co-Founder and CEO, Doordeck
Patrick Lynch, VP Business Development UK & Ireland, Sentiance
Sanjay Parekh, CEO, Cocoon

Day 2
09.00-09.05: Chairman's Welcome

Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates

09.05-09.40: Retail Strategies: What Can Retailers Do to Enhance Smart Home Sales?
  • Create dedicated space in store for the Smart Home category – bringing the experience to life
  • Explain, showcase, educate
  • Work closely with device manufacturers to emphasise the value of the proposition
  • Raise customer awareness
Moderator: Adam Simon, Global Managing Director – Retail Business Development, Context

Jutta Peinze, Marketing Director, Sengled
Katrina Mills, Audio and Connected Home Buyer, John Lewis

Rod Slater, Head of Smart Tech & IoT, Exertis UK
Gary Lewis, Director/Owner, Cornflake
Alexander Allen, Director of Strategy & Business Development, Maplin

09.40-10.20: Executive Insight: How Can Retailers and Manufacturers Work Together Better to Focus on the Mass Market?
  • What information can manufacturers provide retailers to help sell the products?
  • How can manufacturers become more involved in the retail process?
  • Opportunities for increasing sales through online channels
  • How can retailers benefit from manufacturers’ input?

Panel Moderator:
Ranj Dale, Head of Technology, GfK

Mike Lange, VP Sales and Marketing, Z-Wave
Dave Bell, Founder & CEO, Vesternet

Will Butler, Group Marketing and Innovation Director, ERA Home Security
Mark Honeycutt, Chief Executive Officer, Jiawei Technology USA
Joey Tang, Business Unit Manager Added Value Concepts, Euronics International

10.20-10.40: Providing Effective Customer Support to Increase the Adoption of Smart Home Technology
  • How to deal with “last mile” issues and ensure non-technical householders get the benefits they hope for
  • Ensuring greater consumer understanding, reliability and trust
  • Providing cohesive home monitoring, control and support to overcome technology challenges
  • Offering proactive support – remotely and in person
Steve Moore, Director of Connected Home, Dixons Carphone
10.45-11.15: Networking Refreshment Break
11.15-11.35: The Impact of DIWM on Channels to Market

Christian Paetz, CEO, Z-Wave

11.35-12.15: Key Topic Debate: DIY or DIFM
  • Are many products really suitable for DIY installation?
  • Do customers prefer DIY or DIFM?
  • Will DIFM support influence the purchase decision?
  • Providing installation support for increased sales
  • Enhancing the customer experience

Panel Moderator: Olena Kaplan, Senior Analyst, Beecham Research

Daniel Dykes, Director of Business Development, Aeon Labs
Mark Honeycutt, Chief Executive Officer, Jiawei Technology USA

Giles Sutton, Chairman EMEA, CEDIA
Jean-Claude Kiessling, Head of Business Development, Group Innovation, Deutsche Telekom
Andrew Swartz, Research Director, Sutherland Innovation Labs

12.15-12.35: The Role of Audio in the Smart Home
Chris Mitchell, CEO, Audio Analytic
12.35-13.00: Smart Home Insurance – Innovation Across Industries
  • Partnering across industries
  • Adding value to the customer proposition
  • Detailing the processes and findings related to the creation of a new hybrid product

Antti Vihavainen, Business Development, Cozify
Antti Määttänen, Project Director, LocalTapiola
13.00-14.00: Lunch
14.00-14.20: The Journey from Utility to Smart Home Provider
  • Adding new products to the proposition
  • Moving on from Utility to Smart Home Provider
  • Selecting the solutions for the expanded product range
  • Providing an established customer base with a more comprehensive proposition
Kass Hussain, Director of Connected Home, Hive, British Gas
14.20-14.40: Home8 - The next Uber in the Home Security Market
Joe Liu, CEO, Mivatek
14.40-15.20: Visionary Discussion: Changing the Way we Live with Connected Technology
  • Face recognition for entry systems
  • Real time medical monitoring
  • Bringing the personal touch to make smart home services “must have”
  • Cost-savings with energy monitoring

Panel Moderator: Sue Furnell, Founder, Furnell Consult

Christian Deilmann, CEO and co-Founder, Tado
Andreas Lane, Chief Development Officer, Smarter Applications
Stefan Grosjean, CEO, Smappee
Thomas Lesser, Research and Development Manager, Haiku Home by Big Ass Solutions
Vanessa Folkesson, Advisor, Ikea
Paul Wilkinson, Head of Technology Research, Tesco Labs

15.20-15.40: Networking Refreshment Break
15.40-16.20: The Connectivity Discussion: Identifying Key Technology Drivers for Wider Adoption of Smart Home Solutions
  • Achieving better communication between products and devices
  • Ensuring devices are speaking the same language
  • Converging 4G/LT£ and IoT
  • Overcoming power challenges
  • Key benefits of different standards
Panel Moderator:
Torsten Witusch, Managing Consultant, mm1

Olivier Carmona, Board Member, DLNA

Jon Harros, Business Development Manager, Zigbee Alliance
Rishi Lodhia, CEO, Panasonic Nubo
Sylvain Riviere, Forum Ambassador, HomeGrid Forum
Christer Larsson, VP EMEA, OSGi Alliance
16.20-16.55: Security Insight: Addressing Smart Home Security Concerns
  • Are security concerns the biggest challenge to smart home growth?
  • How can consumer concerns be allayed?
  • Understanding the danger of treating security as an add-on: focus on security from the start
  • Who owns the personal data?
  • Concerns around data sharing
Panel Moderator: Olena Kaplan, Senior Analyst, Beecham Research

Joe Grotto, Marketing and Sales, Crane
Ricco Winther, Director of Sales, Z-Wave Europe
Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategies, prpl Foundation
Michele Scarlatella, Board Member, SIMalliance Board
16.55-17.15: Your Smart Home Questions Answered by our expert Smart Home Panel

Session Led by Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates

Stuart will be joined by:
Bill Ablondi, Director Smart Home Systems, Strategy Analytics
Sue Furnell, Founder, Furnell Consult

17.15: Close of Summit
Smart Cities Summit
Day 1
09.00-09.15: Chairman’s Welcome
Arij van Berkel, Lux Research
09.15-10.00: Executive Analysis: How to Make a City Smart, Not Just Connected
  • Linking the silos for an intelligent, integrated system
  • Connectivity of services
  • Intelligent sharing of data
  • Forging partnerships for a cohesive structure
  • Change management
  • Thinking outside the box
Panel Moderator:
Steve Turner, Associate, Arup

Andrey Belozerov, Deputy CIO, Moscow
Rafael Monterde Dias, Director InnDea Valencia, City of Valencia

Brian McGuigan, Commercial Director, Europe, Smart City Solutions
James Noakes, City Councillor, Liverpool City Council

10.00-10.20: Investing in Smart City Developments
  • Re-thinking the Smart City pitch
  • Attracting and promoting ICT pilot projects
  • Generating investment in Smart City projects
  • Demonstrating the Smart City vision
Renato de Castro, International Advisor, World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments (WeGO)
10.20-10.40: Digitalising Cities to Enhance Lifestyles and Drive Economic Growth
  • The GrowSmarter project : the first integrated smart cities project supported by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme
  • How to create growth in Europe through smart solutions
  • How to market smart city solutions
  • Strengthening business and public cooperation in smart solutions
  • Marketing 12 smart solutions for buildings, infrastructure and mobility
Gustaf Landahl, Head of Department, City of Stockholm and Grow Smarter Coordinator
10.40-11.10: Networking Break, Exhibition Visit and Refreshments
11.10-11.55: Spotlight on the Cities
  • Key facts and figures from Europe’s leading smart cities.
  • Identifying key smart features; what has made them a success and what are plans for future growth?
  • 3 Speakers will present for 10 minutes each followed by Q&A

Andrey Belozerov, Deputy CIO, Moscow
Barney Smith, Chief Executive, Bristol is Open
Frans-Anton Vermast, Strategy Advisor, Amsterdam Smart City

11.55-12.15: How is Data Revolutionising the Road Transport Industry?

Remo Gerber, CEO, Gett

12.15-12.35: Intelligent Solutions for a Growing City
  • Milton Keynes success story as a fast growing city
  • Designed as a City of the Future
  • Infrastructure stress points caused by growth
  • The role of data for developing intelligent solutions to the key problems resulting from rapid growth
Enrico Motta, Professor of Knowledge Technologies, Open University, and Director, MK:Smart
12.35-12.55: People in Smart Cities – Lessons From User Experience
  • Similarities and differences between cities and smart cities
  • Examples from user experience research
  • Examples of new issues with smart city technology
  • Will apps become a new touchpoint for citizens as they interact with cities
  • Support challenges: for hardware; for the people who support the hardware; for the technocrats who control the systems; and for the citizens who interact with the systems
  • Integrating technology

Sonia Sedler, Managing Director Europe, Sutherland Global Services


Andrew Swartz, Research Director, Sutherland Innovation Labs

12.55-14.00: Lunch
14.00-14.40: Visionary Insight: Managing the Transition to the Smart City
  • Making existing infrastructure smart
  • Introducing and integrating new services and solutions
  • Technical deployments and implementations
  • Detailing the transformation process
  • Keeping citizens involved in the transformation

Panel moderator: Alex Davies, Analyst and Editor, Rethink Technology Research

Karl-Filip Coenegrachts, Chief Strategy Officer, City of Gent
Frank Reusch, Lemonbeat
Alex Mateo, Libelium
Nikolaos Kontinakis, Project Coordinator, Eurocities

14.40-15.00: Why We Must Gang Up On Our Cities to Make Them Smart...
  • Why developing new ways to collaborate will be key to success of future cities
  • How open platforms and ecosystems will transform the relationship between cities, solution providers, utilities, citizens and even sensors
  • A look at how leading cities are reinventing themselves to foster innovation
  • How technology providers must evolve to match this transition
Brian McGuigan, Commercial Director, Europe, Silver Spring Networks
15.00-15.30: The Environment Debate: Environmental Concerns as a Key Driver for Smart Cities
  • Minimising the impact on the environment with energy-saving solutions
  • Combining energy saving with smarter, more comfortable living
  • Saving costs and reducing impact on the environment
  • Detailing crucial environmental benefits from specific smart city deployments

Panel Moderator:
Molly Webb, Head of Smart Technology, The Climate Group

Nick Godfrey, Head of Policy and Urban Development, The New Climate Economy
Dr Ingrid Giebels-Westhuis, Project Lead City Partnerships/Sustainable Cities, Nuon
Steve Bowyer, Chief Executive, Opportunity Peterborough

15.30-15.50: Networking Refreshment Break
15.50-16.10: Smart Cities and Sustainability
  • Transformation of the city as a whole
  • Focus on sustainability, local produce, energy
  • Developing energy-efficient buildings and cities
  • The role of ICT in ensuring sustainability in transport, mobility and water
  • Social aspects of sustainability in the smart city
Frederic Dagnet, Director of Strategy, Maritime Port of Marseille
16.10-16.30: Smart Data and Smart Energy
  • Smart grid data capturing
  • Big Data?
  • Maximize business cases with advanced analytics
  • Accelerate the energy transition while saving costs for the customer
  • Further affordable and reliable power for everyone
Michel de Goede, Strategy Consultant/Enterprise Architect, Alliander
16.30-17.00: The Energy Discussion: Putting Smart Energy at the Heart of the Smart City
  • Improving infrastructure efficiency
  • Reducing expenditure for citizen and city
  • Enhancing sustainability and environmental impact
  • Interconnecting homes and public buildings with a balanced power supply

Panel Moderator: Jenalee Howell, Director IoT, IHS Markit

Geraldine Tondreau, Business Development Executive, Cities of Tomorrow Key Program, ENGIE
Isabelle Jalmain, Head of Smart Grid Project, EDF Energy
Ed Rees, Policy and Public Affairs Officer, Smart Energy GB
Michel de Goede, Strategy Consultant/Enterprise Architect, Alliander

17.00-17.00: 5YFN - The Smart City
  • Introduced by Arij van Berkel, Research Director, Lux Research
  • Join invited visionary start-ups to gain their insight into where innovations and technology will take us 5 years from now
  • The session will start with a quick-fire introduction from each of our panellists, before the discussion is opened to the floor
  • This is your chance to address the issues important to you or to further highlight any questions that have been raise

Loulou van Ravensteijn, Co-Founder, AetherAir
Kirill Blazhko, Project Manager, Orbita Line
Jakub Luboński, CEO, BIN-e
Ed Leon Klinger, CEO, Flock

Day 2
09.00-09.10: Chairman's Welcome
Eric Woods, Research Director, Navigant
09.10-09.30: Smart Citizens for a Smart City
  • Working with citizens on Smart City projects
  • Balancing the wishes of the citizens with the ideological views of politicians
  • Adapting services to the specific needs of the people
  • Monitoring the adoption of new products and services
  • Maintaining a constant dialogue with citizens
Karl-Filip Coenegrachts, Chief Strategy Officer, City of Gent
09.30-09.50: Smart Regeneration - Old Oak and Park Royal Development
  • Detailing the OPDC project – aims and drivers
  • Involving the community in regeneration decisions
  • How are the latest technologies being deployed?
  • Focus on transport, utilities and sustainability

Victoria Hills, CEO, OPDC

09.50-10.30: Executive Insight: Achieving Citizen Involvement and Buy-in
  • Designing customer-centric services
  • Communicating detail of new services and solutions to the citizens
  • Understanding the importance of citizen engagement
  • Achieving citizen buy-in and full involvement in projects
  • Open Living Labs for Customer Involvement and Feedback
Panel Moderator:
Jeremy Green, Machina Research

Iñigo Jodra, Centre of Excellence for Cities Director, Ferrovial Services

Belen Palacios, Designer, Future Cities Catapult
Carl Piva, VP Strategic Programs, TM Forum
Heike Schuster-James, Future Council Programme - Head of Sub-Programme, Birmingham City Council
Roberto Sánchez, Director General for Innovation and City Promotion at Madrid City Council
10.30-10.50: Smart City for Small Cities?
  • Detailing Perth’s Smart City journey so far
  • Working with partners on key projects: Open data; city wireless; intelligent street lighting; city operations; smart waste
  • Funding projects
  • Partnerships and collaboration - Smart City Scotland
Graham Pinfield, Project Officer, Smart Perth
10.50-11.10: Networking Refreshment Break
11.10-11.45: Hot Topic Debate: Building an Ecosystem of Partners for Strong Smart City Growth
  • Finding strengths across the Smart City ecosystem
  • Synergies and complements
  • Devising new solutions through creative partnerships
  • Building on niche sector strengths
  • Optimum partner numbers
  • Finding the benefit of strength in numbers

Panel Moderator: Steve Turner, Associate, Arup

Llewelyn Morgan, Oxfordshire County Council
Søren Nørgaard Madsen, IoT & Smart City Strategist, Solution Innovation, TDC
Anna Melchor Perez, Smart City Program Officer, InnDea Valencia, City of Valencia
John Mothersole, CEO, Sheffield City Council
Martin Reeves, CEO, Coventry City Council

11.45-12.05: Open Data 2.0 – City Data Exchange in Copenhagen
  • Learn about co-creating smart city solutions with stakeholders from the city, business, and organizations
  • Understand Copenhagen's data marketplace for public and private sector data
  • See how IoT Data is being used to drive innovation and locally-relevant smart city solutions
Peter Bjorn Larsen, Director City Data Exchange – Copenhagen, Hitachi
12.05-12.25: Maximising Big Data to Provide Smart Solutions for Health and Wellbeing
  • Streamlining data capture to maximise information sources
  • Harnessing big data to deliver integrated urban services and solutions
  • Benefits of an open data platform to harness critical information
  • Utilising data to create new solutions to prevent social isolation and enhance remote healthcare
  • Case studies – including MESH, bus beacons
Ian Jones, Leeds City Council
12.25-13.00: Data Evaluation: Data Sharing and Analytics at the Heart of the Connected City
  • Maximising the potential of smart city technology with data analytics

  • Insight into the power of analytics

  • Open data – the use case to do it and the value that can be realised to solve city-wide challenges

  • Open data - making the right data sets available for the data users

  • Analysing data to make cities more efficient and flexible

  • The power of data analytics in the smart city

  • Detailing use cases

Panel Moderator:
Arvind Sharma, Managing Consultant - Digital Business, PA Consulting Group

Karen Schelb, Manager, Arthur D Little
Seppo Haataja, Director, Business Environment, City of Tampere and Director, Open and Agile Smart Cities
Rikesh Shah, Lead Digital Relationship Manager, TfL
María Antón Martínez, Head of Smart Cities Business Development, Telefonica

13.00-14.00: Lunch
14.00-14.30: Transport Strategies: Intelligent Traffic Solutions
  • Improving the safety, efficiency and performance of transportation systems
  • Reducing congestion
  • Enhancing mobility
  • Advanced parking solutions
  • Reducing emissions
James Gleave, Foresight Analyst, Transport Systems Catapult
Ray King, Urban Traffic Management Control Manager, Newcastle City Council
John Pelton, Strategic Projects Director, Crossrail
Wayne Phillips, Worldwide Public Sector - Partner Manager, Amazon Web Services
14.30-14.50: Enhancing the Smartness of Outdoor Urban Environments
  • Making urban public places smarter
  • Increasing convenience in outdoor areas
  • Using solar power for charging on the move
Miloš Milisavljević, CEO, Strawberry energy
14.50-15.10: Lessons from the Oxford Flood Network
  • Challenges of deploying IoT in real environments
  • Working with early maturity IoT technologies such as Low Power Wide Area Network systems
  • Use of existing Internet standards to an IoT stack
  • The importance of good user experience design
  • Flood Network as one part of a larger Smart City
Bryan Marshall, Research Fellow, Nominet
15.10-15.30: Networking Refreshment Break
15.30-15.50: LPWA for Smart City Innovations
  • Developing improved services for citizens
  • Understanding the characteristics of the population for enhanced service delivery
  • Rolling-out reliable e-identification systems
  • Enhancing citizen engagement

Svetlana Grant, Project Director, Future IoT Networks, GSMA

15.50-16.10: Pecha Kucha Session: Developing the Technology for Smarter Cities
  • Interoperability and Connectivity: understanding the technology to fulfil the Smart City Vision
  • Speakers will be invited to detail the latest technology trends and advances to make smart cities smarter
Priscilla Boyd, Product Manager, Siemens – Smart Traffic
Søren Nørgaard Madsen, IoT & Smart City Strategist, Solution Innovation, TDC - Future Network Topologies
Frank Reusch, Lemonbeat - Opening New Opportunities for Smart Cities
16.10-16.40: Security and Privacy for Smart City Implementations
  • Maintaining citizen confidentiality
  • Ensuring solutions are secure
  • Importance of physical and cyber security as the city is digitised
Panel moderator:
Adrian Davis, Managing Director, EMEA, (ISC)2
16.40-17.10: Your Smart Cities Questions Answered by our expert Smart Cities Panel

Jeremy Green, Machina Research
James Gleave, Foresight Analyst, Transport Systems Catapult
Alex Davies, Analyst and Editor, Rethink Technology Research
Arij van Berkel, Lux Research

17.10: Close of Summit
Industrial Internet Summit
Day 1
09.10-09.15: Welcome from the Chairman
Oliver Krause, Associate Director, Arthur D Little
09.15-09.55: Visionary Analysis: Getting Past the Hype – Where Can Money be Made from the Industry of Things?
  • Translating the hype – is there real commercial potential?
  • The technology and enablers are there – how can money be made from them?
  • Detailing actual use cases
  • Are businesses prepared to transform sufficiently to maximise the Industry of Things potential?
  • Will the stakeholders take the risk of increased initial investment?
Panel Moderator:
Oliver Krause, Associate Director, Arthur D Little

Paul Stein, Director – Research and Technology, Rolls-Royce

Jörg Liebe, CIO, Lufthansa Systems
Jocelyn Cole, Goods Lift General Manager, Penny Hydraulics
Al Costa, CEO, Alkol Biotech
Jonny Voon Lead Technologist IoT, Innovate UK
09.55-10.15: Where Do Real Industry of Things Opportunities Lie for Businesses and Consumers?
  • Which industries will benefit from industrial internet?
  • How can efficiencies be enhanced?
  • Where can cost-savings be made?
  • Achieving greater productivity with industry of things
  • How will greater efficiency lead to the evolution of new business models?
Sascha Backhaus, Project Leader, CTC Stade / Airbus
10.15-10.35: Digitisation of Manufacturing and Connecting the Supply Chain
  • Join invited visionary start-ups to gain their insight into where innovations and technology will take us 5 years from now
  • The session will start with a quick-fire introduction from each of our panellists, before the discussion is opened to the floor
  • This is your chance to address the issues important to you or to further highlight any questions that have been raised

Moderator: Oliver Krause, Associate Director, Arthur D Little
Alex Housley, Founder and CEO, Seldon
Richard Pierre-Davis, Chief Operating Officer, Eco Engine
10.35-10.55: From Guessing to Knowing - How IoT Applications Can Dramatically Increase Customer Value

Anssi Rantasalo, CEO, Kemppi

10.55-11.20: Networking Break, Exhibition Visit and Refreshments
11.20-12.00: Executive Insight: Revolutionising Customer Relationships with IIoT
  • Maximising real-time monitoring
  • Quick decision-making with real-time information
  • From reactive to proactive
  • Predicting and preventing potential problems
  • Increasing productivity for customers

Panel Moderator:
Martin Garner, SVP, CCS Insight

Anssi Rantasalo, CEO, Kemppi
Tony Hutchinson, Director of IT Futures, Heathrow Airport
Patrice Slupowski, VP Digital Innovation, Orange
Gerard van der Hoeven, Founding Partner, IoT Gurus

12.00 – 12.20: IoT and Water
Jeremy Heath, Innovation Manager, Sutton and East Surrey Water
12.20-12.40: Evaluating Security Requirements on a Case-by-Case Basis
  • Understanding the very particular requirements of this sector
  • Assessing the range of potential threats
  • Opportunities to mitigate the threats including:

- Secure provisioning
- Authentication
- Data integrity measures
- Selecting an appropriate security technology for connectivity and confidentiality on a per use case basis

Michele Scarlatella, Board Member, SIMalliance

12.40-13.00: How to Manage Turnaround and Growth in Today’s World of IoT
Oliver Krause, Associate Director, Arthur D Little
13.00-14.00: Lunch
14.00-14.20: The Internet of Yellow Machines: How Connected Solutions Are Transforming the Construction Industry
Niels Haverkorn, Vice President Connected Solutions, Volvo CE
14.20-14.40: Leveraging IoT Data for Predictive Maintenance to Increase Operational Efficiency
Wael Elrifai, Director of Enterprise Solutions, Hitachi
14.40-15.20: The Data Discussion: Are Organisations Maximising Data Useage?
  • The success or failure of IoT hinges on big data – how are organisations using it?
  • Contextualising data to add value
  • Streamlining data collection
  • Interpreting data into meaningful information
  • Taking action and making decisions based on data analytics
  • Ensuring the secure storage of data
  • Merging data silos - linking new data with existing older data and databases
Panel Moderator: Laurenz Kirchner, Partner, mm1

Markus Wulff, Digital Innovation, The Absolut Company

Gregor Biering, Team Lead Development of Application, Asset Information Systems, E.ON Climate & Renewables
Thomas Serval, CEO, Kolibree
Pedro Baiz, Senior Consultant, Amey
15.20-15.40: Industrial Internet of Things and its Potential Impact upon Future Farming and Food
Professor Tony Furness, Visiting Professor, Harper Adams University
15.40-16.00: Networking Refreshment Break
16.00-16.30: IoT Leaders’ Debate: The Impact of IoT on the Innovation Potential of Established Industries
  • How is IoT enabling companies to innovate operational structure?
  • The impact of IoT on product innovation
  • Identifying new products and solutions with IoT
  • Transforming business processes
Panel Moderator:
Gilles Robichon, IoT Consultant, IOTC360

Rab Scott, Head of Virtual Reality and Modelling Group / Project Manager, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing

Dan Vahdat, CTO and Co-Founder, Medopad
Jonny Voon Lead Technologist IoT, Innovate UK
16.30-16.50: Digitising European industry and the work of the AIOTI
  • Detailing the European Commission’s policy objective to digitise European industry

  • The role of IoT in working towards this aim

  • Overview and update of AIOTI activity

  • Key ongoing policy initiatives

Robert MacDougall, Head of Enterprise Public Policy, Vodafone Group; and Chair, AIOTI
16.50-17.30: 5YFN - The Industrial Internet
  • Join invited visionary start-ups to gain their insight into where innovations and technology will take us 5 years from now
  • The session will start with a quick-fire introduction from each of our panellists, before the discussion is opened to the floor
  • This is your chance to address the issues important to you or to further highlight any questions that have been raised

Moderator: Oliver Krause, Associate Director, Arthur D Little
Alex Housley, Founder and CEO, Seldon
Richard Pierre-Davis, Chief Operating Officer, Eco Engine
Federico Capello, Co-Founder and COO, See Your Box
Day 2
09.10-09.15: Chairman's Welcome
Laurenz Kirchner, Partner, mm1 Consulting
09.15-09.35: Connecting IT and OT: Open, Secured Industrial Interoperability Standards
  • How does the OPC Unified Architecture play a key role in the IIoT?
  • Why has it been selected by the German Industrie4.0 Reference Architecture?
  • How collaboration is transforming information integration between industrial automation and related domains
  • Learn why cloud standards not provide interoperability
  • Example of the SAP real world SOA enabled production
  • Examples of “From Sensor to Cloud”
Stefan Hoppe, Vice President, OPC Foundation Europe
09.35-09.55: The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) – Driving IoT in Industry

- IIC organisation, aims and activities

- Current focus areas

- Recent and imminent publications

- The work of the Business Strategy and Solution Lifecycle Working Group

Jim Morrish, Founder, Machina Research and co-Chair, Business Strategy and Solution Lifecycle Working Group, Industrial Internet Consortium
09.55-10.15: Transforming the Business: From Product Seller to Service Provider
  • Re-thinking how to deliver value
  • Evolving from selling products to selling services
  • Not just a one-off purchase
  • Developing new services as a result of connectivity and IIoT
  • What information can companies learn from data analytics?
  • Selling services based on the data analysis
Juha Pankakoski, Chief Digital Officer and CIO, Konecranes
10.15-10.35: Industrial IoT Requires Fit-For-Purpose Connectivity

- Understanding the diversity of IoT applications and their connectivity requirements

- Flexibly optimising connectivity solutions to meet the need of the customer’s business case and application

- De-centralized, autonomous device networks enable fast and efficient deployment of large-scale industrial IoT and Smart City applications

- Case examples of the benefits of the de-centralized network architecture - New business models enabling new ways of working and new services

Teppo Hemiä, CEO, Wirepas

10.35-11.10: Networking Refreshment Break
10.10-11.30: Powering Industrial Applications with Augmented Reality
Tim Meier-Mumm, Manager New Services & Offering, Incubation & Future Business Development, Konica Minolta
11.30–12.10: Technology Update: Advancing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology
  • Focus on a configurable, scaleable platform for communication; Ensuring the network of connected devices is robust and reliable; Combining LoRA with sensors for reliable connectivity
  • 4 speakers will outline technology developments
Panel Moderator:
Martin Garner, SVP, CCS Insight

Simon Montford, Founder, WEB3//IOT
Alan Muse, Global Director of Built Environment, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
12.10-12.30: The View From Manufacturers
  • Which technologies will make the biggest impact on businesses?

  • Understanding the key barriers and drivers

  • What must industry and government do to drive the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Christopher Richards, Senior Business Environment Policy Adviser, EEF
12.30-12.50: The Internet of Things and Blockchain Technology
Steve Huckle, Researcher, University of Sussex
12.50-14.00: Lunch
14.00-14.30: The Connectivity Debate: Connectivity and Interoperability

Focus on a configurable, scaleable platform for communication; Ensuring the network of connected devices is robust and reliable. Developing standards for interoperability and connectivity

Panel Moderator: Laurenz Kirchner, Partner, mm1

Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director, GlobalPlatform
Timothy Ward, OSGi Alliance
Ultan Mulligan, Vice Chairman - Marketing and Communications Committee, oneM2M Partnership Project
Siva Subramani, Standards Strategist, Vodafone

14.30-14.50: Robotics and UAS – How Agriculture is Leading the Way with IoT in Industry
Richard Green, National Centre for Precision Farming
14.50-15.25: The Security Discussion: Securing Millions of Connected Devices
  • Removing concerns around the security of connecting industrial devices
  • Ensuring physical devices are secure, together with shared information
  • Integrating security with product and system design

Panel Moderator: Ulrich Seldeslachts, CEO
Darron Antill, CEO, Device Authority
Brian Arbuckle, Market Analyst, IHS Markit

15.25-15.45: Networking Refreshment Break
15.45–16.05: How to Fix the Industrial IoT with Silicon-Layer Security
  • The industrial IoT is everywhere. Egs of how it impacts our daily lives
  • Real world examples of embedded computing in industrial IoT facilities being attacked/hacked eg Ukraine power station outage in December 2015
  • Four reasons why the IoT is broken
  • What can we do to fix it?
  • Hardware-led approach focused on the chip level
  • Open source and interoperable standards
Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist, prpl Foundation
16.05-16.35: Partnership Panel: Partnerships: Fundamental to Success in IIoT
  • Partnerships – the only way to offer the broadest service?
  • Assessing synergies for a productive partnership
  • Encouraging co-opetition to move the industry forward
  • Establishing and growing a partnership in IIoT
  • Ensuring all parties see a ROI
  • Understanding where value is being created in the partnerships
Panel Moderator: Gerard van der Hoeven, Founding Partner, IoT Gurus

Tracy Miranda, Eclipse Evangelist and Member of Eclipse Foundation, Kichwa Coders
Alex West, Principal Analyst - Smart Manufacturing and Industrial Communications, IHS Markit
Sandrine Périno, Digital sales leader, Europe & Middle East at Current, powered by GE
16.35-17.00 Your Industrial Internet Questions Answered by our expert Panel

Session led by Laurenz Kirchner, Partner, mm1 Consulting. Laurenz will be joined by:

Simon Montford, Simon Montford, Founder, WEB3//IIOT
Martin Garner, SVP, CCS Insight
Gerard van der Hoeven, Founding Partner, IoT Gurus

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